08 March 2010


Bristol Resistance is made up of working class individuals and groups who are opposed to capitalism, fascism and the state. While we recognise and respect our differences, we share a great deal of common ground and are dedicated to creating real alternatives to the present political system. We also hope to encourage genuine grassroots organisations and campaigns run by and for the people of Bristol. Below is a brief introduction to each of the groups involved, and you can find out more by clicking on the links to their websites or by contacting them.

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross Prisoner Support Group

We support class struggle, anarchist and other radical prisoners locally and internationally by providing what solidarity we can, and encouraging a culture of solidarity amongst others. We do this by publicising prisoners cases & campaigns, by direct contact through letter-writing and if possible by prison visits, by sending in small donations of money and other items, and by supporting various forms of protest when we can. We also organise film nights, meetings, and run a stall.

We are opposed to the prison-industrial-complex and any new prisons or detention centres, as we believe prison/detention is a weapon of control used by the state and capitalism against our class and all those who 'step out of line'.

For more info, or to get involved, check out our blog, or come to our monthly public 'letter writing to prisoners' night, on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, 7 to 9pm, at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY


Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective

We formed in the spring of 2008. Our aim was to hold an anarchist bookfair in Bristol that would act as both a public showcase for anarchist ideas and practices, and as a gathering for local groups and campaigns. Well there was a bookfair in September 2008, and another in 2009, and there will be another in 2010. They have been reasonably successfull, attracting many stalls and distros from across the south west and nationally, along with hundreds of people interested in finding out more about anarchism. Along the way we have also organised a lot of gigs, film nights, meetings and talks - find out more about the bookfairs and other events on our website.

The Collective meets regularly to plan and organise the bookfair and other events, and welcomes any anarchists willing to put in the time and effort to help out and spread the anarchist word.


Bristol Anarchist Federation

January 2010 saw the formation of Bristol Anarchist Federation, one of the newest branches of the national Anarchist Federation. The AFed is a network of class struggle anarchists which aims to abolish Capitalism and all oppression to create a free and equal society without leaders and bosses, and without wars or environmental destruction.

As a new group Bristol AF are seeking to help out with grass roots anti-capitalist/anti-state movements in Bristol and the surrounding area including solidarity with workers and working-class struggle and direct action to prevent the encroachment of exploitative multinational corporations into every aspect of our lives. We also seek to lend direct support to the single issue campaign groups in the region who share our aims and politics as well as aim to promote anarchism as a viable alternative to the current power and capital based state system.

Website (national)
Contact (local)

Bristol Antifa

Bristol Antifa is part of a national federation comprised of local groups of militant anti-fascists, affiliated to the international Antifa movement. We exist to confront fascist ideas, activities and organisations wherever and however they occur. We use a wide range of tactics and believe it is important to beat fascism physically as well as with ideas. We do not advocate the electoral process as the means of defeating fascism nor will we work with groups that do. Real change won't come from greedy, lying politicians of any colour. Voting merely keeps their system in power and keeps us divided and as spectators to someone else's game. The success of fascist politics depends on a divided and disorganised working class.

There are many fascist groups operating in Britain, but the biggest threat comes from the British National Party who in recent years have done their utmost to hide their fascism beneath a thin veneer of respectability. Antifa opposes all fascist activity, but destroying the BNP is our current priority. Their presence on the political landscape pushes the wider political agenda to the right, to the cost of working class people.

However fascism is not confined to extreme far-right nationalist political parties such as the BNP. While these are the most obvious targets for an anti-fascist campaign, many policies promoted by other parties are equally fascist in nature. For example we need to resist the racism, violence and brutality of the current government against refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers. Wars such as that in Iraq cost thousands of working class lives, for the benefit of the ruling elite. Antifa believes that it is up to us all to create strong, united working class organisations capable of defending our interests and winning the fight against both fascism and the state.


Bristol IWW (Industrial Workers of the World)

We are a grassroots and democratic union helping to organise all workers in all workplaces. The IWW differs from traditional trade unions. We believe that workers have greater voice if we are organised within our own industries. For example, teachers, cleaners and secretaries who work in a school should be classed as education workers and all be in the same union. Furthermore, unions in one industry are far stronger if they are in the same organisation as all other industrial unions. Our aim is to see society re-organised to meet the interests of all people, and not just shareholders and corporations.

We are for ALL workers who do not have the power to hire or fire. This also includes workers who are retired, students, unemployed, part-time, temporary or those working at home. Workers who are members of other unions are also welcome.


Bristol No Borders

Bristol No Borders support all those in struggle against borders; against incarceration, particularly detention centres; against exploitation of workers, particularly "illegal" workers. We challenge the concept of borders and the systems that maintain them. We work to develop spaces of solidarity, resistance and unity.


East Bristol Debtors Alliance

East Bristol Debtors Alliance was set up in 2008 when the banks were bailed out but normal people in debt got nothing. Millions of people in Britain are in trouble with money, can it really be all their individual faults? We believe we’ve all been conned into borrowing more than we can afford and that we shouldn’t be ashamed and suffer in silence. We should support each other in taking our lives back. The debt system can trap anyone, whatever race, age, class or background, so ALL are welcome to come along to our FREE regular meeting sessions. Things we talk about include:

• How to prioritise debts and deal with the most urgent ones first.
• How to recognise the debt companies con tricks to make you pay more than you can afford.
• Sharing information about loansharks, debt consolidation scams etc.
• Other ways we can join together and be stronger than suffering on our own.
• We offer an 'advocacy' service where we will help you write letters, make phone calls and write out financial statements. We will stand by you in court, or when the bailiffs turn up.

We are all volunteers and are not on anyone's payroll. All we ask in return for our help is that you think about helping others in the same boat - our aim is to have a Debtors Alliance in every neighbourhood, run by the people that live there.